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Funding Your MBA Degree: Like A Quilt, Not A Blanket

  Whether you choose to study in your home country or you’re headed overseas, getting an MBA is expensive. Taking a year or two away from work combined with the cost of your studies can require some financial acrobatics.   For many students, a loan seems like just the warm blanket you’ll need to make […]

This Credit Card Giant Brings Innovation & Flexibility Back to Finance

  Picture a typical office. Okay – now picture a typical office of a financial services company. Boring? Drab? Stuffy? Check, check, check. Now, just picture the exact opposite, and you’ve nailed Discover Financial Services‘ new office in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, affectionately dubbed “The 606”. Floor-to-ceiling glass paves the entryway, huge windows overlook a […]

The Top 10 MBA Jobs (by salary and satisfaction)

The age-old question for MBA students and prospective students: what’s the return on my investment? How much will I get paid after school? There’s certainly no shortage of requests on message boards about this very topic. These inquiries are answered with average salary reports – say, by school, or by industry.  While these rankings are useful, […]

The top 15 companies ranked by MBA women

Earning an MBA opens the door to great career opportunities, and choosing between thousands of companies can be hard. There’s no one-size-fits-all firm, but we’ve analyzed our data to identify employers highly rated by the female MBAs currently working there. Read on to discover which companies did (and didn’t) make the list of top companies for […]