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Job Search Advice

Get advice from our team of experts and real college students on everything you need for a successful job search.  Check out our resume tips, cover letter frameworks, interview guides and more.

Top Six Questions Asked in a Job Interview

You’ve made it!  They’ve seen your resume, read your cover letter, and want to talk with you.  The hard part is over right?  Not exactly.  While you made it past the first round of tests, job interviews are where companies really get to know you.  It’s also your chance to stand out from the crowd.

How to Write a Follow-Up Email

Email etiquette is tricky enough- how do you email somebody that could get you a job, or guide you to breaking into an industry?  We here at TransparentCareer have free tips and sample letters to help you out, and help you get that job.

How to Leverage Your Network

What exactly are networks, and the process of networking?  Networks are your system of connections, all of the people you know.  People in your network can help you find a job and connect you with new people and ideas.  

An easy formula for a great college resume

The Resume: a company’s first look into who you are and what you can offer.  Studies show that recruiters view an average resume for just 6 seconds – precious little time to grab their attention and direct it towards the most relevant pieces of your professional life.  No pressure, though.

7 Cover Letter Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Cover letters are an often-overlooked part of the job application process.  Many people focus on their resume and submit a boilerplate cover letter, with only a quick reformatting of the company name and job title.  

How to Write a Cold Outreach Email

Sending an email to somebody you don’t know can be intimidating.  Usually if you’re emailing a stranger, they have something you want.  This could be a connection, a favor, or even a job offer.

Sample Cover Letter and Formula

Cover letters aren’t fun for anybody to write.  We at TransparentCareer are here to help.  We created a formula for you to follow when writing your cover letters, along with an example to check out. Be careful though.  If the company has specific instructions for cover letters, you should follow those instead.  

6 Steps To A Better Elevator Pitch

As you go through your job search, you’ll realize that just like with any company, you are your own brand. And as your own brand, you need to be able to market yourself properly just like any company does.

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Coffee Chat

Ah, the coffee chat, one of the best things to happen to networking as the time it takes to casually sip a cup of coffee is the perfect amount of time for a nice conversation that doesn’t drag on past the point of comfort. Plus, there’s coffee. Enough said.

How to Make the Most Out of a Career Fair

Career fairs. Hundreds of undergraduate students dressed in business casual trying to vie for the attention of a handful of representatives from each company.Keep reading to make sure you’re making the most out of your career fair experience.

Make the Most of that Information Session

Information sessions are a great way to get a deeper dive into a particular company and really assess whether or not you’re interested in working for them. This is the company’s main chance to woo you and persuade you to want to work for them.

Who Actually Reads Your Resume?

Many of us know the pain of sending off your resume to some company only to receive no response. We sit, refreshing our emails and pondering if our resumes were even read, let alone even received by an actual employee at that company.

Do I Really Need a LinkedIn Account?

Is LinkedIn simply another useless profile you have floating around the internet, or is it truly an effective tool for networking and ultimately gaining meaningful employment?

5 Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview

At the end of an interview, your interviewer might set aside time so you can ask questions.  This could be a real deer in the headlights scenario though.  Weren’t they supposed to be asking the questions?  That’s their job, not yours.