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Finance major? We explored some alternative career paths.

  The world of finance has exploded in notoriety over the past several years thanks to the Great Recession of 2008 and movies such as The Big Short and The Wolf of Wall Street.  Despite this glamorized view of the finance world, the increased interest in finance is not without substance. 

Should You Get an MBA?

A Masters in Business Administration, or MBA, is considered by many to be the catalyst to the start of a business career.  Most people see significant salary increases after graduation-our data shows a 44% increase in salary after graduation, and total compensation increasing by 82%.  

5 Facts About Working in Marketing

Marketing is such a broad term that even marketing majors may not be particularly sure what they’ve signed up to do.  You can’t really blame them though, depending on what you’re involved with there are a lot of things to do with your marketing degree.  

5 Facts About Working in Public Relations

Public relations is a popular field for people with a knack for communicating.  Not to be confused with advertising or marketing, public relations deals with the relationship a company has with the media and the public as opposed to its customers.  

5 Facts About Working as a Software Engineer

The world of coding has exploded in recent years thanks to a neverending supply of tech geniuses making news apps and earning billions.  While not all of us will become the next Gates or Zuckerberg, careers are plentiful and the opportunities are endless.  

5 Facts about Working in Supply Chain Management

It’s amazing how modern day commerce has evolved.  Not only do we expect a variety of goods at our fingertips, we also expect them to be there when we want it – and fast.

Demystifying the Consulting Industry

Have you heard the term ‘consulting’ thrown around all over your campus, but not really understood what exactly a career in consulting actually entails? Well, look no further because we here at TransparentCareer are about to break it down for you.

Corporate Finance Overview

The field of corporate finance, shockingly enough, deals with the finances of a corporation. As a corporate financial analyst, you assess the sources of funding and capital structures of an organization before making recommendations about how to allocate financial resources. 

Media & Entertainment Overview

Though some of us probably wanted to be famous rock stars or movie stars when we were younger, once you enter into undergrad you begin to realize that you’re not going to be the next Beyoncé or JT. Fortunately, you still have the opportunity to work in the entertainment industry and be a part of […]

What Do Business Analysts Actually Do?

An analyst is probably one of the more vague job titles. Sure an analyst has to “analyze” things, but what exactly are they analyzing, and what do they do with their analyses?

5 Facts About Venture Capital

Ever wondered how exactly small startups are able to raise large sums of money to support their growth and progress? Well, that’s where venture capitalists come in. Venture capitalists invest in smaller, early emerging firms with high growth potential in exchange for equity in the company.

5 Facts About Working in Finance

  They say money makes the world go round, but it’s the world of finance that makes money go round.  The finance industry has inspired countless movies, but it’s only a select few that live the lifestyle we’ve grown to expect from films like Wolf of Wall Street.  

5 Facts About the World of Advertising

Oh, advertising.  Long gone are the days of ad men and Don Draper, but the field is still popular for people looking to flex both their creative and business talent.  Artists, writers, and researchers all come together in advertising.  

5 Facts About Working in Tech

Tech has exploded in popularity in recent years.  From the incredible work spaces to the awesome perks, everyone wants to work in tech.  Is it all that it’s cracked up to be though?  How much money can you realistically expect to make, and what are the work environments like?  

5 Facts About Working in Accounting

Deciding a college major is difficult enough already, with tons of information out there. Those looking for a broader degree within business may choose to major in accounting.   A career in accounting can be broken down to three sectors: public, private, and government/nonprofit.

5 Facts About Working in Commercial Banking

Commercial banks have gotten a bad rap lately thanks to the Great Recession of 2008.  Banks are still a great option for employment though – especially for finance majors who don’t want to work the long hours of Wall Street.  

What's it Like to Work in Finance?

The world of finance is the stuff of legends among many business students.  People envision themselves as Gordon Gekko and plan on ruling the world with mountains of cash.  Realistically though, salaries for finance majors start out much lower – but still generous for entry-level candidates – at $57,300.  

5 Facts About Working in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is on a lot of people’s’ minds at the moment, with President Trump planning on removing the Affordable Care Act and our aging population.  The baby boomer generation, those born between 1946 and 1964, are finally starting to retire.  This generation alone makes up nearly 20% of the American population.  

5 Facts About the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry always seems to get a bad rep. When you think of insurance, you probably think about a bunch of bored employees sitting around calculating when exactly they think you’re going to die, and how to charge you for it.  

5 Facts About Investment Banking

So you know you want to go into Investment Banking. Maybe you’re on the fence, or maybe you flat out have no idea at all. Investment banking analysts are typically tasked with performing financial analyses of companies and working with financial models in order to help other entities create capital.

The Grad School Dilemma

To grad school, or not to grad school, that is the question.With nearly 2 million people in graduate programs in the US, the grad school dilemma is one that many students find themselves pondering at one point or another.