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Uber Company Guide

Uber, the company that’s made a fortune out of getting people to do exactly what it is we’ve been taught not to do since we could walk: get into an unknown car with a stranger. Uber employs almost 7,000 people and has approximately 16 million monthly active users in over 80 different countries across the globe. So what is it like to work at Uber and how can you land a job at the coveted tech giant?



As a tech company it should come as no surprise that there are a plethora of positions open for software engineers. But if coding isn’t your thing, Uber also has open internship positions for strategic operations, design, communications, and operations.


Though Uber does have a number of jobs in different functions, the hiring process is quite grueling, with many operations and marketing position candidates being required to take a 2-hour analytics test that includes both multiple choice and essay questions. While for an internship the process is not as extensive, do be prepared for more than just a behavioral interview. Past internship interviewees have been asked anything from completing a coding challenges to answering quantitative/analysis based questions.


If you want to work at Uber, you better be sure that you’re fearless, versatile, and passionate, as those are three of the main qualities that the company looks for when vetting potential hires. Previous interns have also stated that Uber puts a great emphasis on self-starters, meaning that they’re really looking for people who have the ability to take initiative and can work on challenging the system. If you’re looking to just coast through your internship, then a job at Uber certainly isn’t for you.


Finally, if you want to work at Uber, offices are located in most major cities including San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, and New York. Though, obviously, since their headquarters are in San Francisco, that office generally hires the greatest number of interns.


Company Culture

According to the satisfaction ratings in a number of different categories below, you can see that employees rank their experiences at Uber quite highly. The only thing lagging behind slightly is the work/life balance category, something that is fairly typical in most tech and startup companies. This is less of a concern for interns though,, one former undergraduate strategy intern claims that during his time, interns were encouraged to work around 40 to 50 hours a week.


Data Courtesy of Glassdoor


Frustrated by the hassle of going back and forth to and from the office? Uber employees don’t know the struggle as commuting via Uber is generally covered by the company. Employees also get a certain amount of additional Uber credits placed into their accounts which can be redeemed either for more free Uber rides or UberEats deliveries. In addition, Uber typically caters breakfast, lunch and dinners for all of their employees.. If you’re moving to a new area for your internship, depending on the team you’re working with, you may be eligible for additional housing stipends.


Internship salaries vary widely depending on the function you’re involved with. Meaning your pay could be anywhere from about $12-13/hour if you’re a marketing intern to raking in about $40/hour for a software engineering internship position.


Overall, if you’re looking for a challenging, but rewarding internship at a large tech company that works hard to maintain it’s small startup feel, then we’d suggest applying for a job at Uber.


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