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Tools & Resources

Our team compiled the best resources to help you navigate school & beyond. Apps, plugins, and more – it’s like ProductHunt for your job search.

Apps to Keep You Sane Through the Recruiting Process

We all know the recruiting process is hectic and stressful. Info sessions, cover letters, networking events, and interviews are all always floating around the back of your mind throughout the year. Not to mention that in addition to the pressure of landing that perfect internship or job, you’re still expected to perform flawlessly in school.

5 Apps to Help You Save Money

Money is always tight for college students, and it isn’t getting any easier. How can you save money? How do you manage your money? We found 5 free apps and services that will help you save and manage your money, with zero effort. What could be better?

5 Reasons Why Students Transfer Schools

A lot of students – particularly freshmen, consider transferring to another university at some point or another.  Perhaps you want to be closer to friends and family, or you want a change of pace. The decision on whether to transfer to another school or not is difficult for anybody.  

4 Things to Consider When Studying Abroad

In 2015, over 313,000 people studied abroad, which is roughly 1.5% of students enrolled in higher education.  So what should you consider before applying to study abroad? Where do people go, and why do they study there?

6 Browser Extensions to Improve Your Life

Browser extensions are a great way to customize your internet experience and enhance your day-to-day life.  Extensions can save you money, keep track of time, and streamline your activities to make you more efficient.  We found some browser extensions to help you get started.

Getting a Visa to Study in the US

Studying in the US is a goal for many international students for research and career opportunities, either while still in America or upon returning home.

7 Apps to Help You Stay Organized

College can be overwhelming for people that haven’t been on their own before.  Professors don’t coordinate assignments and exams like the might in high school, and class schedules range from 8 am to 9 pm.  With such a variety it can be hard to keep track of your obligations.  

What Makes Up a Compensation Package?

When you think of your salary, you might just think about your weekly paycheck. If one company offers you $50,000 a year and the other $60,000, just go with the bigger paycheck, right? This isn’t all a company provides you though.

Refine That Resume (in 5 minutes or less)!

So you’ve spent hours upon hours tweaking your resume, you’ve scoured the web for the perfect template, filled it up with all of your amazing past experiences, and you’ve adjusted and readjusted everything you can to make sure it all fits on one page. But will it get you hired?

The Grad School Dilemma

To grad school, or not to grad school, that is the question. With nearly 2 million people in graduate programs in the US, the grad school dilemma is one that many students find themselves pondering at one point or another.

5 Tools for Nailing the Job Search

So you’ve polished that resume, finally understood what’s supposed to go in a cover letter, and are ready to rock any job applications that come your way. The hard part’s over, right? Unfortunately, not quite.

5 Steps to Nailing the Case Interview

The case interview. Arguably one of the most daunting hurdles that stands between you and that coveted summer consulting internship. Case interviews are meant to test how you’re able to use analytical and critical thinking to solve a real-world problem that the firm or interviewer you’re sitting down with has actually once faced.

The Gender Gap by Industry

The gender pay gap varies widely depending on the industry and the role you decide to enter into, but apart from salary, there are a lot of other factors that go into gender equality in the workplace.

What is a 401k?

According to Vanguard, the median account balance of 401k accounts is $26,405.  Nobody wants to spend their golden years living off of $26,405 and social security checks.  Read on to learn more about the most popular retirement option once you’ve landed that full-time job: the 401k.  

How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are a way for companies to get a better idea of who you are as a person, from people that have experience working with you.  It’s hard to ask other people for favors though, especially when there’s the added pressure of trying to get a job.

The Diversity Problem

There’s currently a disconnect between the number of qualified, diverse candidates in the workforce and the number of diverse employees in top industries and companies.By not actively pursuing hiring methods to increase their diversity, companies are actually doing themselves a disservice that could lead to slowdowns in growth and revenue loss.