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Refine That Resume (in 5 minutes or less)!

So you’ve spent hours upon hours tweaking your resume, you’ve scoured the web for the perfect template, filled it up with all of your amazing past experiences, and you’ve adjusted and readjusted everything you can to make sure it all fits on one page. But will it get you hired?


At the end of the day you’re still not entirely sure if your resume truly is ready to stand up against the hundreds of resumes that recruiters go through a day. If that sounds anything like you then boy do we have the perfect resource.



VMock is an innovative platform that analyzes the format, wording, and impact that your resume has, and stacks it up against other high-scoring resumes on the platform. The best part? The process to get started is as simple as signing up and uploading a PDF version of your resume. From there, the platform walks you through the next steps and gives you tailored feedback on how to best improve your resume.


Once you submit your resume VMock provides you with:


  • An instant resume score that pits your resume against others
  • Personalized and actionable feedback based on what exactly recruiters are looking for in a resume
  • Resume analytics and sample bullet points from high scoring resumes


Based on VMock’s resume analyses, here are some of the most important facets of a resume you can work on right now:


  1. Action oriented and specific. This means that in your bullet points you’re not simply listing passive and vague sentences about what the company in general does, but rather speaking to the specifics of what you accomplished in that internship, club, or research position. Say you worked on a company’s social media campaign, instead of just stating that you “managed the company’s marketing campaign,” an example of a better way of framing could be, “implemented marketing and outreach strategies to secure over 200 MBA pre-launch signups with students from each of the top 25 MBA programs.” This gives a recruiter a more concrete sense of the scale of the work you did, and will come across as more impressive. The algorithm also analyzes the exact wording you use throughout the course of the resume and assesses the strength of the words you use, and also notifies you when you repeat a word too many times
  2. Formatted correctly. Did you keep it to one page? Have you included the essential sections required in a resume? Are your margins correct? Do your dates line up? VMock will comb through your resume to ensure you’ve stuck to one page, 1 inch margins, and that nothing is missing.
  3. Competent. In my opinion, this facet of the resume review was by far the most impressive to me (and also the one where I personally scored the lowest). According to recruiters there are five main categories that they use to analyze the “competency” of a candidate. These are: communication, analytical, leadership, initiative, and teamwork. VMock scans through your resume, and tries to target whether or not you’ve adequately addressed those main skills based on the bullet points you’ve included.


As a time strapped undergraduate, you don’t have the time to agonize for hours over a one page resume.  Head over to VMock right now and sign up to refine your resume in less than 5 minutes!


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If you want to further take the stress out of the job recruiting process by receiving personalized career data, tailored specifically to you – sign up for free.


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