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MBA Career Guides

Want to know more about your desired industry or function?  Check out our data-driven career guides so you know what to expect during MBA recruiting.

Getting Hired at a Startup - How Business Schools Help and Resources to Get Started

What Are Top MBA Programs Doing About Startup Recruiting? Top MBA programs focusing heavily on entrepreneurship curricula Classes on data science, entry-level programming, value proposition discovery, and entrepreneurial finance abound. At Chicago Booth, long known as a finance hub, entrepreneurship is now the #1 concentration. MIT Sloan, HBS, Booth, Stanford, Haas, McCombs – all have […]

Consumer Products

The consumer products (CPG, or “consumer packaged goods” for short) industry has long been a stalwart of the MBA hiring process.  After all, what newly-minted MBA wouldn’t want to drive strategic initiatives for high-profile brands they can use themselves, can see on TV, or go touch on a store shelf?  We analyzed our 250,000 verified […]

Ecommerce & Internet

For MBA graduates entering the workforce, there are few industries as appealing as technology. Who wouldn’t want to be involved with innovative companies such as Amazon, Airbnb, or Google?

Investment Management

There are few industries as glamorized as investment management. TV shows and movies portray cutthroat competition, moral grey-zones, and the chance at fortune. While the salary for MBA graduates entering investment management positions can be quite high, these positions aren’t all about hot shot personalities and monetary success. Our 250,000+ data points at TransparentCareer revealed aspects […]
Technology (Software)

Technology (Software)

The software industry extremely attractive for MBA graduates, who are anxious to test their newly-minted skills in a dynamic arena. An analysis of the 250,000+ data points at TransparentCareer  revealed insights that can help you decide if the software industry might be a good fit.


If you’re an MBA student recruiting for jobs in healthcare, chances are you’re interested in one of the largest – and most complex – industries in the world. The opportunity to tackle huge problems – an aging population, rising drug and procedure costs, and a constantly-changing scientific landscape – attracts many a newly-minted MBA to […]

Technology (Hardware)

Looking for a job in tech after your MBA? We ran the numbers to show your career opportunities in hardware firms like Intel, Apple, and Dell.

Real Estate

When is comes to the hottest industries for MBA graduates, real estate tends to fall lower on the list.  But an analysis of TransparentCareer’s 250,000+ data points revealed some lucrative opportunities in real estate for graduates interested in seeing their work reflected in physical spaces.


Retail is here to stay; but in what form?  MBA graduates up to tackling the growing challenge of E-commerce should consider entering the retail industry. An analysis of our 250,000+ data points revealed insights that will prove useful for any MBA considering a job in the large retail industry.  

Investment Banking

Investment banking has long been a coveted industry for emerging MBAs, but are the tides changing for these financial institutions? As interest in technology increases, MBA interest in investment banking is on the decline.  Despite this trend, TransparentCareer’s database of nearly 5,000 employers shows that investment banking still accounts for at least 8% of full-time […]


Consulting is a consistently one of the hottest industries for MBAs. Each year over 1 in three students from top schools such a Columbia, MIT, INSEAD, and Northwestern accept positions in consulting.  An analysis of our 250,000+ data points offers a peek into the intriguing world of consulting.

Private Equity

The world of private equity is small, elite, and coveted. Landing a position in PE is tough, but those who make it reap the rewards of astronomical pay, high impact of work, and prestige. Our 250,000+ data points at TransparentCareer allow a peek into the highly-sought-after world of private equity.

Venture Capital

Have you considered private equity or investment banking, but worry it won’t “scratch your entrepreneurial itch”? If you aren’t ready to start your own company just yet, working in venture capital may be the perfect way to combine your interests. An analysis our 250,000+ data points offers a peek into the fast-paced world of venture capital.

Startups & Entrepreneurship

This year more and more MBA grads are choosing to work at – or start their own – high-growth startup companies over industry giants.  An analysis of our 250,000+ data points reveals what it’s like to work for a startup company after graduating with your MBA.

Product Management

MBA interest in tech companies is growing, and with this trend comes an interest in the product management function. While the function only accounts for about 7% of MBA positions in 2016, it’s trending up significantly.

How much more could you make with an MBA?

If you’re thinking of a full-time MBA, chances are you’re looking to switch careers. If you’re like most people, that is – because an incredible 87% of all MBA students report switching careers by changing either their job function or industry.  Even more incredible, 7 of 10 MBAs reported successfully switching both job function and […]

The ROI of an MBA for international students

If you’re not a US citizen and pursuing (or thinking of pursuing) an MBA in the US, the financial picture isn’t always clear.  On top of the typical MBA variability, international students deal with huge questions around financing their degrees, and successfully recruiting for the jobs they covet.

Is it possible to negotiate your MBA offer? The data says yes.

If you’ve signed up for TransparentCareer, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve begun collecting data on offer negotiation. But really though – what leverage do you have if you’re an MBA student? In which industries is it kosher for a student to attempt negotiation? And, what’s the typical range? 
Brand Management

Brand Management

The function of brand management is relatively small compared to, say, consulting or banking, representing only about 5% of full time MBA positions, but the work of these marketers is clearly visible in our everyday lives.  An analysis of our 250,000+ data points gives insight into the function that is both a science and an […]
General Management

General Management

General management: a vague name for a broad function. Management positions are required in all areas of a business, so what makes a post-MBA general management role different?  We analyzed our 250,000+ data points to find out what makes these roles unique, and what to expect from a compensation, satisfaction, and culture perspective.

How Much Do MBAs Make at Startups? Expect Less Pay, but a More Rewarding Career

There are a lot of advantages to working at a startup.  Company culture, unique experiences, and the potential to hit it big with an IPO are all great reasons to work at a startup. Things to Consider However, this does not come without negatives. Our data shows MBAs working at startups have an overall decrease […]

The Top 10 MBA Jobs...by effective hourly wage

It’s no secret that pursuing an MBA can earn you serious cash, but post-grad jobs typically come with super long work weeks (we’re looking at you, bankers). So, we’ve compared average salaries and weekly hours to see which MBA careers actually have the best effective hourly wage.

Corporate Strategy

Corporate strategy – what does it mean, really? The basic function may appear similar to consulting, but with a few key differences. To learn more about the ins and outs of a post-MBA position in corporate strategy, read on!

What Kinds of Startups Hire MBAs? 68% of MBA Hires are in Tech

“When valuing a startup, add $500k for every engineer, and subtract $250k for every MBA.” -Aaron Patzer, Founder/CEO Mint.com   Yikes. If you’re an MBA looking to get into the world of startups (especially if you’re looking west), you’d best understand the history. MBAs of the late ‘90s flocked to Silicon Valley, with generalist skillsets […]

10 Companies Still Hiring MBAs in May and June

Look, it happens to the best of us. Maybe you had a position lined up and it fell through, or your circumstances changed. Perhaps laziness got the better of you in terms of applying for positions, we’ve all been there.   Regardless, you’re still looking for a summer job. We’ve got you covered. Here are […]

Top Industries and their MBA Recruiting Timelines

Yes, we know it’s summer, but it’s never too early to prepare for the fall recruiting season!  If you’re a first-year, you’ll be inundated with employers coming to campus, posting jobs, and rapid interview schedules.  If you’re a second-year, you’ll likely either accept an offer at the end of your internship (lucky you) or face […]

In Three Clicks I got an Interview

Along with being a top MBA career research platform, TransparentCareer also works directly with top employers to help MBAs land their dream job post-graduation. We sat down with Jon from Kellogg, who was hired at Discover Financial Services through TransparentCareer, to talk about his experience using our platform and how he navigated finding the right […]

Comparing the Cost of Living in Major Cities for MBAs

When MBAs are looking for jobs right after graduation, there’s plenty to consider. How’s the weather in the area? Do you have to consider your significant other’s career? Or maybe (probably) most importantly, is there even a job you’d like in your target city?   We took our compensation data and combined that with a […]

How International MBAs Can Level the Playing Field

If you’re not a US citizen and currently living in the US following your MBA program, your access to financial solutions may not be clear. Will you be paid fairly in the US? What kind of options do you have to manage your student loans? Who can you go to for advice? We teamed up […]

How Much More do MBAs Earn by Industry?

Back before business school, did you wonder how much more money you’d make with an MBA? Well, that’s probably a stupid question, because you obviously did, and then decided to get an MBA.   How much more money should you be making though? Does an MBA provide a higher return in some industries versus others? […]

What Do MBAs REALLY Want from Employers?

It can be hard to quantify everything you hear about employers. Anecdotally, you might hear that your prospective employer pays well, has a terrible work environment, and offers little to no training. A bit noisy, isn’t it? Is the pay worth the negatives? Will Sam from accounting steal your lunch? It’s hard to say.   […]

3 Steps to Help You Negotiate $9k in Starting Salary

Negotiating your job offer might seem like a minefield. Am I leaving money on the table if I say nothing? Do I blow this whole thing if I even ask for more? Should I have made fun of my interviewer’s tie to establish dominance?   We answer this and more in our deep dive into […]

Community Interview: Diamond

  At TransparentCareer, we love featuring our fellow MBAs and the businesses that they’ve started. This week we’re interviewing our friend Diamond, who started her own MBA community, Thrive, for women pursuing careers in business and tech.   Are you an MBA with your own business? Know someone that is? We’d love to hear about […]

Career Statistics for MBA Veterans

Each year, hundreds of veterans look to pursue an MBA to take their leadership, management, and operations experiences to the business world. Top companies have started to take notice, and many are interested in hiring veterans for their many transferable skills in the private sector.   We dove into our data to find out the […]

5 Non-traditional MBA Roles, and Why You Should Consider Them

At the start of business school, consulting attracts the highest interest from MBAs – some report this number as high as 34%. The reality is though, consulting isn’t for everybody. Long hours and constant travel can be incredibly draining, not to mention the fast-paced work environment.   We explored 5 less-traditional MBA paths, for those […]

Community Interview: Jelece

  At TransparentCareer we love helping MBAs further their careers, be it with our platform, or through helping people pursue their education. That’s why we recently held a contest for a $1,000 scholarship to help a member of our community with paying for their MBA degree.   We’d like to congratulate our member Jelece on […]

Community Interview: Matthew

At TransparentCareer, we love featuring our fellow MBAs and the businesses that they’ve started. This week we’re interviewing Matthew, who started UpperRoom, a fintech company, after graduating from IU Kelley.   Are you an MBA that’s started their own business, or know someone who has? Reach out.   Hey Matthew! Thanks for taking the time […]