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In Three Clicks I got an Interview

Along with being a top MBA career research platform, TransparentCareer also works directly with top employers to help MBAs land their dream job post-graduation.

We sat down with Jon from Kellogg, who was hired at Discover Financial Services through TransparentCareer, to talk about his experience using our platform and how he navigated finding the right job for him.



Hi Jon! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us about this. When did you start looking for a job?

I started looking pretty quickly after starting school last fall since I was in an accelerated program. I went to coffee chats, met with career services people, and talked with a lot of friends and family.


What were some of the challenges you came across when searching?

While everyone is well intentioned, there’s a lot of information out there. It can be hard to sift through what advice is anecdotal, and what has actual numbers to back it up. After a while, I sort of started to just send out as many resumes and sign up for as many job boards as possible to see what would stick.


How did you come into contact with Discover?

They actually contacted me through TransparentCareer, and I got an email right to my inbox. I remember filling out my interests on your platform, and apparently they matched with Discover pretty nicely. I got a message saying that they had seen my profile, and thought my background and interests were a good enough fit to set up an interview. I figured I might as well click it and see what they had to say.


Had you thought about working with Discover before?

I hadn’t actually. Prior to using TransparentCareer, I was more interested in consulting. That had been my focus since I had been advised to pick one industry/function and chase it full focus. After playing around on TransparentCareer though, it actually seemed like consulting was a totally wrong fit for me, so it was nice to get connected with Discover. I hadn’t even heard about them through on campus recruiting at Kellogg.


What was the interview process with Discover like?

It was pretty standard. After getting connected through TransparentCareer and a few emails back and forth, I setup my first phone interview. After two of those, I went to an in person interview, and then I had an offer soon after!


Did you have any other offers you were considering?

I had a few more, yeah. I was actually using TransparentCareer’s benchmarking tool to compare the offers to see where I had wiggle room to negotiate. It was nice being able to compare offers not just based off of function or industry, but also more granular things like the location of the job. It was easier to know how fair the offer was. I ended up taking the job with Discover in the end.



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