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Company Rankings

We created a composite rank to show you the best of over 4,500 companies in our database, using salary, work-life balance, and satisfaction scores.

The Top 10 MBA Jobs (by salary and satisfaction)

The age-old question for MBA students and prospective students: what’s the return on my investment? How much will I get paid after school? There’s certainly no shortage of requests on message boards about this very topic. These inquiries are answered with average salary reports – say, by school, or by industry.  While these rankings are useful, […]
Technology (Software)

The 7 best tech companies for MBAs

Each year, more and more MBA grads choose jobs in tech. There is surely no shortage of companies existing (and entering) this space, but which are the best of the best? We turned to data reported by real MBAs at over 4,000 companies to create a list of the top tech companies to help you […]

Top 7 Consumer Products Firms for MBAs

Consumer products companies have traditionally hired a high percentage of MBA students – ranked only behind consulting and finance in sheer hiring volume. Why? The generalist MBA skill set is highly valued among these conglomerates who need, in essence, a general manager of a brand or project. But which ones should you consider? We turned to […]
TransparentCareer Blog

The Top 7 Product Management Firms for MBA Grads

Product management is a great way to learn the ins and outs of a company. You essentially become the “CEO” of the product you’re in charge of, and manage the team that designs, builds, and maintains the product, in balance with the business or strategic questions, such as marketing. MBAs working in product management can […]

Top 7 Investment Bank Firms for MBAs

Ah, investment banking. Known for long work weeks and big bonuses, working for a large bank is a goal for many MBAs looking to work in finance after graduation. Are the big banks all that they’re cut out to be though? Often times, people prioritize firm prestige over actual employer data.   It can be […]

Top Companies for MBAs That Value Work-Life Balance

Long hours aren’t sustainable for everybody. Maybe you have or want kids, or need to take care of someone at home. Or maybe, just maybe, you have a life outside of work (gasp!)   Regardless of your reasons, we used data points from MBAs like you to uncover the best companies for work-life balance, based on hours […]

The Employers MBAs Love … And The Ones They Love Less

Lauren McGlory knows what it’s like to feel fulfilled, valued and important in a workplace. She also knows what it feels like when you’re not. And like countless other newly minted MBAs from top business schools, she prefers the former. “To me, culture played a huge role over any type of compensation,” says the 28-year-old of […]

The Most Popular Companies for MBAs

What are the most popular companies among MBA students worldwide?  It’s not hard to think of some likely candidates – huge brands such as McKinsey, Google, and Goldman Sachs spring to mind. But does the data back it up? And more importantly, what’s it actually like to work at these highly-desirable firms?   

Top 10 Companies for H1-B Visas

With the current American political climate, many MBA students visiting from abroad are worried about securing a job in the in the US after graduation. No one knows what the current administration will do, but restricting access to H1-B visas could be part of the “America First” policy.   This leaves many current students in […]

8 Management Consulting Firms Hiring MBAs That You Might Not Know Much About...But Should

At top MBA programs, many MBAs set their sights on going into consulting. Combining analytical abilities with creative problem solving – not to mention high compensation – consulting is a great field for both those planning on working in the field for the long-haul, or those looking to cut their teeth before moving into the […]

7 Healthcare Firms You Should Add to Your List

Healthcare is the fastest growing industry in the US, with no signs of stopping. From hospital administration to commercial development, there are plenty of opportunities for MBAs to make a name for themselves in the healthcare industry.   Looking to get in on the ground floor? We gathered some of the top companies in the […]

Considering I-Banking? 7 Firms You May Not Know About...But Should

  After consulting, investment banking is the second most popular field for MBAs, which isn’t all that shocking when you consider the high earning potential, especially after you get your degree.

The top 7 consulting firms for MBA grads

Consulting, as an industry, consistently hires up to 30% (!) of MBAs from top programs.  But which firms are really the best options for grads when you consider work-life balance, satisfaction, compensation, AND hiring volume? We turned to data reported by MBA students and alumni at over 6,000 companies to create a list of our top firms. […]

The top 15 companies ranked by MBA women

Earning an MBA opens the door to great career opportunities, and choosing between thousands of companies can be hard. There’s no one-size-fits-all firm, but we’ve analyzed our data to identify employers highly rated by the female MBAs currently working there. Read on to discover which companies did (and didn’t) make the list of top companies for […]