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Top MBA Programs

We rank, score, and evaluate the top MBA programs using the metrics that matter most for your career: employment outcomes.


Top 5 MBA programs for Consulting

Consulting is a consistently popular industry for MBA grads, and as a result competition can be fierce as many highly qualified individuals aim for the same positions. This dynamic is also seen across top MBA programs for consulting. We combed through our 250,000+ data points to discover the best MBA programs, and the competition was […]

Best 5 MBA programs for technology

The tech industry is heating up, and MBA grads are pursuing it in record numbers. Some schools, such as Stanford and Haas, have seen tech jobs quickly matching the finance sectors for most popular post-grad positions. Some speculate that the more laid-back culture typical of tech firms is luring grads away from the highest paying […]

Full employment reports for the top 50 US MBA programs

Which MBA program will give you the best chance to land your dream job? Get the transparency you deserve (and save hours of Googling) - check out all the employment reports in one place. Enjoy!

Top 5 MBA Programs for Consumer Products

The Consumer Packaged Goods industry has long brought MBA grads into its ranks, but which programs give you the best shot to land a great job in the industry? Our ranking of top MBA Programs for CPG show which top programs did (and didn’t) make the cut.

Top 5 MBA Programs for Investment Banking

Breaking into investment banking is competitive – which MBA programs will give you the greatest advantage over your peers? The east coast schools lead the pack… #1. New York University (Stern) Composite Score: 100 U.S. News Rank: #20 Cost, 2 Years: $127,440 Total Compensation: $316,250 Average Starting Salary: $137,500 Percent of Grads Entering Investment Banking: […]