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Top 5 Must-Have Resources for MBAs

As MBAs, we’re pulled in a lot of directions. Like, a lot. First there’s actually getting into your target schools – countless hours spent on essays, soliciting cover letters, etc. As if that’s not hard enough, there’s the excruciating financial aid process. And you know, classes. Those too. When recruiting hits, you’re already underwater.

So in the spirit of helping you stay just a little saner during your MBA years, we’ve compiled the top must-have resources for applicants, students, and alumni.


Poets & Quants

P&Q is the primary source for interesting takes on the MBA community. We’ve found it particularly useful for less-biased MBA program rankings, deep-dives into specific programs, and profiles on top MBAs doing interesting things in the world of startups and tech. Sign up for their weekly newsletter to get the top stories sent right to your inbox. 



BusinessBecause runs an international community of MBAs focused on admissions advice, relevant news, and even career augmentation. They offer excellent profiles on each school – including European programs like IE and HEC.



The ‘Brew shoots a fantastic, free summary of daily business news straight to your inbox…and it’s actually enjoyable to read. Let’s be honest, WSJ is great but sometimes you want just the highlights (that don’t put you to sleep).



Calendly offers a free and paid version of scheduling software that’s saved this humble MBA student approximately 4,389 hours over the past few years. Say goodbye to the annoying but inevitable “What time works for you?” back-and-forth when you’re scheduling coffee chats, group meetings, or phone interviews. Calendly integrates directly with your email account so it knows when you’re free, and allows the recipient to pick a time suited best for them. Invites are automatic. LONG. LIVE. CALENDLY.



VMock is one of our favorite products, because…well, we just love to nerd out on data. Their automated resume review software parses and scores your resume across a variety of criteria, like word choice, tone, bullet point content and more. It’s incredibly detailed and offers very robust feedback.


Kevin is a cofounder of TransparentCareer, a free, data-driven career resource to help business students identify and apply to their dream jobs. He loves data, efficiency, and occasionally attends class at Chicago Booth.